This is an morning "un-meeting" where entrepreneurs, students and others who are interested in startups can come, hang out, network, and share some stories. We talk about what's going on in Kraków & world concerning tech, marketing, fundraising and more. So why don't you stop by to join us before work?

This is a regular meeting. 8 a.m - 9 a.m Every other Thursday at Charlotte Kraków, Poland


8:00: Hello and greetings, getting to know each other - stand-up buffet

8:10: Current Events—things in the news that were noteworthy. This could be anything from new product launches to new laws and policies that affect startups, to new developer toolkit releases, to ideas on best practices for X, where X could be almost anything.

8:30: Open Floor. People can present or ask questions of the group. This included everything from questions about one’s particular startups to general questions. Sometimes people would pitch the group to get feedback

Taken from "Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City" by Brad Feld

Before you go - important stuff, so that all benefit most:

Take a minute to post a few words about you or your bussines - Let other guest know what you are doing and let them connect with you during the morning meeting.

Stay in touch:

Hive53 Open Coffee LinkedIn GroupHive53 Open Coffee LinkedIn Group

Want to help?

OpenCoffeeKrk is an independent event and belongs to the Kraków's community as a whole. If you want to help with running the events/the website or have any ideas/suggestions just mail

Open Coffee Krk #3 - 10/01/2013

  • Tej Panesar

    CEO and founder of Panalyst, former banker and financial analyst, experienced startup and real estate investor
  • Jacek "TeMPOraL" Złydach

    Web developer at InventSoft, active member of Hackerspace Kraków, a Lisp programmer
    I would like to share about official public release of my translation project of Paul Graham's essays.
  • Łukasz Jachymczyk

    Founder of Flossmarket - open source software contractors contact platform.
    Looking for a marketing/sales person willing to involve in flossmarket.
  • Filip Loster

    Student at UJ, also making games and stuff. GYRO game
  • Kamil Stanuch

    Business Development / Co-founder w Sigmapoint Mobile Agency. Nearbox.
  • Wojtek Skalski

    Marketing Assistant, EMEA @ Akamai Technologies.| Business Analyst.
  • Bartek Lord

    Blazing Labs
    At Blazing Labs, we research and design user behaviour within the Internet media. We focus on improving the conversion for websites and applications by employing our skills in User Experience, usability, psychology, design and lots more. We also promote products and services using e.g. SEO, e-mail marketing, social media and so on. The good part is that we will be launching a couple of free seminars, so please check our site for more info.
  • Bart Zimny

    Co-founder | Product design and development @ IDEOven
  • Łukasz Mokrzycki

    Coach at, Computer Science Student
  • Krzysztof Dorosz

    A guy from university I code
    I want to talk about business analytics tools (saas). Any SaaS for user event anomaly tracking and reacting?
  • Michal Dobrowolski

    UI Designer looking to go freelance
    Is the market big enough for all those web/ui design freelancers?
  • Michal Wendrowski

    Inventor of Rublon technology; online marketing specialist. First profitable online venture in 1999.
    I will talk about Web Summit 2012 Conference in Dublin in which Rublon took part in.
  • Marcin Szeląg

    #custdev evangelist, living and breathing everything digital - from #web 2 #mobile. Partner @innovationnest (VC in Poland), helping #startups grow beyond local markets.
    I'd like to invite to the upcomming Startup Stage meetup about growth hacking (17/01/2012 at 7 pm, The Stage ul. Łobzowska), and also talk about "Where and how to find technical co-founders"
  • Marcin Nawrocki

    Właściciel i redaktor naczelny w ogólnopolskim magazynie akademickim PODAJ DALEJ.
  • Grzegorz Iwacz

  • Jurek Kufel

    CEO and founder of Iteo. I'm to nice to run a business but do it succesfully for over 8 years now...
  • Michał Piwowarczyk

    Software development for US based start up companies Symetrix
  • Piotr Machulski

    Freelance motion designer
  • Janusz Meissner

    Co-founder at Driiive and Appstelier
  • Andrzej Wieser

    Freelance Photographer
  • Marek Klimczyk

    Management Consultant in Business Development, Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Strategy Development. Co-creator of management tool (SaaS)
  • Marta Ryłko

    Computer Science student at AGH. Co-founder, Android/ Node dev @ Dropsport – find sports partner startup.
  • Marcin Stępień

    Software engineer, service developer and cute front-end enthusiast. My TechBlog.
    Latest subject that bugs me: "lean vs. scalable".
  • Rafał Pokrywka

    Founder of VirtusLab. Still a Software Developer and Researcher on Software Production Efficiency. Cracow's Scala Conference Organizer: ScalaCamp. LinkedIn
  • Rafał Pałgan

    Marketing and PR manager @innovationnest (VC/seed fund based in Poland); Marketing Specialist @SPINcorner (SPIN Entreprenurship School). BA/VC/PE specialist I Tweet.
  • Ukasz Roth

    Interaction & Product designer
    Would like to make a small pitch about a bakcpack that transforms into laptop working station i 4 moves. LinkedIn Profile.
  • Mateusz Pluta

    Android Team Leader / Co-founder w Sigmapoint Mobile Agency. Nearbox
  • Richard Lucas

    Business and social entrepreneur, 20+ years in Cracow, angel investor
    help needed with getting this site up and running .
  • Kamil Burczyk

    Co-founder, iOS Programmer w Sigmapoint Mobile Agency. Nearbox
  • Paweł Machnik

    Co-Founder, Cloud & Mobile Developer at Event Info Ltd.
  • Kamil Figiela

    Co-founder of Dropsport & Computer Science student.
  • Ernest Surudo

    Freelance mobile & web developer that just moved from Canada. Working on my first real startup.
    Looking to meet talented iOS or Rails developers for potential collaboration.

And YOU? Join us on 7th of February 2013 at 8am at Charlotte (pl. Szczepański, Kraków)

  • If you learn that you can't make it after you submit the form, please write to
  • Please be on time - 8:00 am
  • Any future announcements to the other participants are preferable posted on the LinkedIn group and tweeted/auto tweeted in the same time with an @opencoffeekrk handle. - This way we can discuss it freely on LinkedIn and in the same time he main topics pops up in the Tweet feed on this site.
  • Check this site, later on and before the meeting, to learn who else will take part. You can play with connections here.
  • Thanks for reading this.