This is an morning "un-meeting" where entrepreneurs, students and others who are interested in startups can come, hang out, network, and share some stories. We talk about what's going on in Kraków & world concerning tech, marketing, fundraising and more. So why don't you stop by to join us before work?

This is a regular meeting. 8 a.m - 9 a.m Every other Thursday at Charlotte Kraków, Poland


8:00: Hello and greetings, getting to know each other - stand-up buffet

8:10: Current Events—things in the news that were noteworthy. This could be anything from new product launches to new laws and policies that affect startups, to new developer toolkit releases, to ideas on best practices for X, where X could be almost anything.

8:30: Open Floor. People can present or ask questions of the group. This included everything from questions about one’s particular startups to general questions. Sometimes people would pitch the group to get feedback

Taken from "Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City" by Brad Feld

Before you go - important stuff, so that all benefit most:

Take a minute to post a few words about you or your bussines - Let other guest know what you are doing and let them connect with you during the morning meeting.

Stay in touch:

Hive53 Open Coffee LinkedIn GroupHive53 Open Coffee LinkedIn Group

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OpenCoffeeKrk is an independent event and belongs to the Kraków's community as a whole. If you want to help with running the events/the website or have any ideas/suggestions just mail

Open Coffee Krk #1 - 22/11/2012

  • Marek Kapturkiewicz

    Executive, marketeer, investor and engineer; co-founder of Innovation Nest (seed/VC fund) & SPIN Entrepreneurship School
  • Piotr Wilam

    Venture coaching, co-founder Onet , business angel, co-founder Innovation Nest
  • Maciek Chmielowski

    Podbijam świat w
  • Przemek Kadula

    Dyrektor sprzedaży, zarządza kampaniami promocyjnymi, rozwija i sprzedaje produkty reklamowe w
  • Mark Bradshaw

    Founder at, Founder Lifeboat Travel Publications
  • Karol Majta

    Student of mechanics and physics. Passionate about programming, computer games, and bicycles. Dev at Nearbox, Founder of
  • Wojciech Frycz

    IT Director / Co-founder of
  • Richard Lucas

    Chairman of PMR, investor and initiator of new businesses/non profit projects
  • Kamil Burczyk

    Co-founder, iOS Programmer w Sigmapoint Mobile Agency
  • Marta Ryłko

    Computer Science Student at AGH, Co-founder of

And YOU? Join us on 7th of February 2013 at 8am at Charlotte (pl. Szczepański, Kraków)

  • If you learn that you can't make it after you submit the form, please write to
  • Please be on time - 8:00 am
  • Any future announcements to the other participants are preferable posted on the LinkedIn group and tweeted/auto tweeted in the same time with an @opencoffeekrk handle. - This way we can discuss it freely on LinkedIn and in the same time he main topics pops up in the Tweet feed on this site.
  • Check this site, later on and before the meeting, to learn who else will take part. You can play with connections here.
  • Thanks for reading this.